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Principal Corner

Principal Corner

Mrs. Perry

Mrs. Perry








As the 6th Grade Principal I will create a positive learning environment that meets students where they are and propel them to greater academic and social achievements through high expectations and collaboration.


PBIS Youth Leadership Team

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Oliver Parks 6th Grade Academy will be incorporating a PBIS Youth Leadership Team this school year.  PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) promotes positive student interactions and good citizenship within the school.  Since implementing the PBIS program, it has increase positive behaviors in student’s ad have implemented more supports for students who may be struggling socially, emotionally or behaviorally.


Our TEAM at Oliver Parks continues to look for ways to support our students and their families.  This year, we are trying to reach students whose behavior may get in the way of their successful in school.  For example, some students may have some minor problems following rules and may be acting-out in class or on school grounds (extroverted).  Our goal is to find out which kids may need help and then provide them with assistance before minor/major challenges become bigger problems.

The use of the PBIS Youth Leadership Team will allow students to actively get involved and take control of promoting leadership and positive interactions in their peers.  Responsibilities of our Leadership Team will include participation in the school-wide presentations of behavior expectations, reading and presenting lessons from our “cool tools” and team teach lesson with teachers and attend PBIS TEAM meetings.

Over the next few weeks or so, your child will participate in the PBIS Kick-Off celebration. The PBIS team will discuss the purpose of PBIS, expectations and guidelines for being successful out Oliver Parks. Please assist the school in helping students to reach behavior goals and expectations this school year.


Please feel free to contact the school office if you have any questions.


Mrs. Perry, Principal